Philadelphia Assessment & Counseling, LLC is a multi-specialty practice devoted to using evidence-based methods to help motivated people overcome personal and professional challenges. 


Individual Counseling

Have you been sad for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel happy and carefree? Are you struggling with relationships or to find satisfaction in your work? Does it feel next to impossible for you to relax? Are you a recent graduate who is having a hard time adjusting to professional life? 


Family Counseling

Do you have a child with ADHD or a teenager who is pushing boundaries, acting out or withdrawing from the world? Is your child pushing you away, having problems at school or abusing substances? Maybe you feel disconnected from your child, to the point that it feels like you don’t even know him or her anymore.

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Relationship Counseling

Are you struggling in your romantic, family, work or social relationships? Do you find yourself repeating negative patterns of interaction and attracting the wrong kinds of people? Perhaps you have a hard time recognizing red flags that indicate that somebody is not good for you or that it is time to leave a relationship. 

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