Did you know that your employer or your family member's employer will pay for your first few sessions with one of our therapists?

The employer contracts with an Employee Assistance Program company (EAP), so that employees can get assessment, brief therapy, and referrals for longer term treatment for free. The authorized sessions are paid for by your employer so there is no cost to you!

You're probably wondering whether your employer will know the content of your sessions, the reason you're seeing a counselor, or even that you went to a counselor through the EAP program. The answer is a resounding no. The employer does not know who takes advantage of the EAP services they pay for nor do they know anything about the reason or content of the sessions. The only one who knows about our sessions is the EAP company, who are bound by law to protect your privacy. If you want your employer or someone else to know, such as your doctor, you can sign a release of your informed consent.

To find out which EAP your company uses, ask your HR director or look in your Personnel Practices Manual. If you still can't find the answer, let us know and we will call your company and just ask for the name of EAP they use.

The list of EAP companies that we work with is constantly being updated so if you don't see your company's EAP on this list, just call or email us and we will try to get on their list.

EAP Companies We Work With:

  • ACI Specialty Benefits
  • AllOne Health
  • American Behavioral
  • Anthem EAP
  • Carebridge
  • Ceridian/Lifeworks
  • Chestnut Global Partners
  • Cigna EAP
  • Coastline
  • E4Health
  • EAP Consultants 
  • Employee and Family Resources
  • Employee Resource Systems (ERS) EAP
  • ESI
  • FirstCall/Main Line Health
  • First Choice Health EAP
  • Health Advocate/ HMS
  • Interface EAP
  • Jorgensen Brooks
  • Magellan Health
  • Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services
  • Mental Health Consultants
  • Mines & Associates
  • New Avenues/Midwest Behavioral Health
  • Perspectives Ltd
  • Sand Creek
  • Wellspan

Don't delay starting treatment- Use your EAP-authorized sessions today!

Dr. Kelly Romirowsky is the founder and director of Philadelphia Assessment & Counseling, LLC. As founder, she specializes in work with EAP companies. Call now or schedule your free 15-minute consultation* today.

*all new clients must complete a consultation before being seen for an appointment