Are You Worried About Your Academic or Work Performance?

Have you been struggling to complete tasks at school or at work? Do you feel as though you are not meeting your full potential, no matter how hard you try? Maybe you are feeling frustrated and have a hard time believing that you are smart or good enough. If you have always struggled to complete tasks, you may have been compared to other family members or classmates as a child and now struggle to believe that you are capable and worthwhile. Or, maybe you are doing well at work, but feeling challenged emotionally or socially. Do you find it difficult to interact with others or form friendships? Do you wish you could experience greater clarity and develop a better understanding of yourself? Are you seeking a way to identify and overcome the obstacles in your way?

It can be frustrating and disheartening to feel as though something is holding you back from the career, relationships and life that you want. You may be struggling with low self-esteem and wonder if the success you long for is even possible. Maybe you feel as though you have tried everything, but very little helps you feel productive and confident. Perhaps you work hard to prepare for presentations, projects or social situations, but freeze when the moment comes. If you are struggling socially, you might not understand why you can’t trust people or maintain healthy relationships. You may have begun isolating yourself or avoiding opportunities out of a fear that you will be rejected or fail. Maybe you are craving answers and a new way forward.

Many Adults Seek Assessment for a Variety of Issues

If you have wondered why you can’t accomplish the things you want, you are not alone. It is very common to struggle and wonder why things that seem so easy for others feel almost impossible for you. Many adults do not know that they can seek a personality or psycho-educational assessment. Some worry that seeking an evaluation means that they are “crazy” or broken in some way. Others fear that an assessment will reveal a serious problem, or that the evaluator will judge them. In truth, an assessment is simply a way of developing a better understanding of yourself, your strengths and the skills you need to cope with your challenges. With an assessment for adults, you can find the clarity you need to live with great confidence, self-compassion and awareness.

An Assessment for Adults Can Help You Better Understand and Address the Challenges That Have Stood in Your Way

A thorough assessment can help gather the information you need to work through your unique challenges. An assessment for adults is a straightforward process that will be focused on you, your questions and your needs. Our skilled psychologists will treat you with professionalism and respect as we collect the data we need to make the best possible evaluation.

While we will tailor some aspects of our evaluation to your particular concerns and worries, you will go through a few standard steps. It is important that our psychologists follow an established process during your evaluation so that we can compare your data to the data of other adults. It is important to note that an assessment is not therapy. We will work with compassion and strive to establish a comfortable relationship, but we will also maintain focus and direction so that we can receive the most accurate results.

If you are working with a therapist who is concerned about your progress, he or she may refer you for an assessment. If you are working with one of our therapists, your evaluator may consult or collaborate with him or her. However, you do not need a therapist to seek assessment. 

Once you have committed to an evaluation, our psychologists will conduct a series of clinical interviews. We will ask you why you are seeking an assessment, what daily challenges you are currently experiencing and what you hope to learn. We will also go over your developmental, familial, academic and medical histories in order to eliminate certain conclusions. During this process, we can conduct interviews with family members and friends who may be able to provide more insight into your behavior and habits.

Every client’s assessment process is different, and we will take your particular needs and concerns into account as we work with you. If we believe it is appropriate, you will take an IQ test and complete a self-report in which you answer a series of multiple choice questions about your mood, your emotions, etc. Finally, we will ask you to complete personality testing as needed. If you are experiencing issues or concerns that these tests do not address, we can also perform additional testing that is tailored to your questions.

Assessment for adults can offer you clarity so that you can stop criticizing yourself and start making positive changes in your career and relationships. You can discover a deeper understanding of yourself, your skills and how you relate to the world. If you are struggling, avoiding an assessment will not make those challenges disappear. You don’t have to feel helpless and lost anymore. Instead, you can gain the knowledge you need to help yourself move forward into the future.

You may believe that assessment for adults can help you understand the challenges that have been causing you pain, but still have questions or concerns...

An assessment for adults sounds expensive and time consuming.

Evaluations are expensive due to the thorough work our therapists do behind the scenes, such as analyzing and comparing data and statistics. The face-to-face portion of the evaluation may take around 10 hours. While we understand that this is not an easy commitment, we invite you to consider the value of the investment you will be making in the rest of your life. It is likely that you are struggling to make the best possible use of your time. When you better understand your challenges, you will be better equipped to overcome them.

How can a better “understanding” help me? 

We encourage you to call us for a free phone consultation so that we can go over your specific concerns. Once we know what you are experiencing, we will be better able to explain how an evaluation can help you. And, regardless of what you are struggling with today, a better understanding of your challenges can help you stop feeling worthless and start granting yourself the care and compassion you deserve.

I feel ashamed, and I’m afraid of learning my weaknesses.

The fear of negative results is so often worse than the results themselves. Uncertainty and confusion can be so painful, but there is relief to be found in clarity. If you are on this page, you are likely already spending a lot of time imagining what your results might be. It is far more productive to address real results.